Best of Usain Bolt – December 2012 Edition

– Special Feature with Reuters broadcast to media all over the world
– Feature – Times of India
– Feature – US Weekly Magazine
– Feature – Rise magazine (USA)

Gatorade – 2012 Campaign – see an excerpt here


– Laureus Sportsman of the year 2012

– Male athlete of 2011

– IAAF top 100 metres sprinter

– Cuban Press Agency Prensa Latina best sportsperson of the year in Latin America and the Caribbean

– JAAA Male athlete of the Year

Business Partnerships

– Two major announcements to come in early 2012

Usain Bolt Foundation

– Trelawny Projects (continuing)

– Portland (to start early 2012)

Other Charities

– Sigma Corporate Run, Kingston (February 2012)

– Your Dollar Our Future

Season’s Greetings

– Over 1.5 Million Facebook fans liked his Greeting Card

Social Media

– Facebook Fans grew to 5.72 million

– Twitter Fans grew to 328,000

As of December 31, 209 days to go to London 2012

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