• Best Your is THE IDOL

  • Miri :DD

    how sweet! children are so excited to see Bolt. I understand them. Bolt, continues so that you’re great

  • I could eat them up there are so excited. OMG. I love them. The excitement of children is the best ever. What he has just done for the is amazing.

  • Irén Hegyi


  • bolt#1fan

    luv u bolt my idol xx

  • debbie

    l’m in LOVE ; ) x

  • vignesh

    good bolt i like u even i want too become like u

  • vignesh

    hai bolt u have a good habbit.give me some information how to contact u.even i am athlet like u in india i wanna become like u so give me some tips!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ranjini

    u r a king, man