“Faster Than Lightning” Mash-up by DJ Steve Porter

  • Alesha

    loving the song

  • Devin

    This one of the songs i listen to before a big race! Great song!

  • PabbiXX

    I love this song

  • gohan

    this song is awesome

  • Justin Lau

    amazing song

  • Lil-Tee

    Lovee Dis <3

  • Bella

    Que voz!!! i like!

  • You are simply amazing!

  • he is an ispiration. I love you man…and your voice is sexy!

  • YES..What a treat to watch you Mr Bolt

  • MK

    MASSIVE Mr B!! Especially after London.2012. Jah Guide.


  • Shawnna2

    cant get the smile off my face, so proud !

  • Nyceeee

  • tai

    my inspiration love this song and proud of how far he made it

  • Jonah Felix

    This car will help you further to Move faster than Lightening !!!
    Well done bro;

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  • Thomas97

    The bolt, it strikes again!

  • Lenny Mouchel

    I love this song and it’s really great !