Usain Explains How He Runs the 100m dash

Teaser from the upcoming documentary, “USAIN BOLT – THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE”.

  • roxroy

    please stop partying so much untill after u are a legend

    • «Cautious°Mamma»

      Leave him alone, it’s his life and he is sharing a gift with the world. He is still young and will be remembered for his zest.

  • Keith James

    Wow, keep it up my Jamaican brother, you are specially made to do great things for this beautiful nation of ours. God bless…

  • pedro

    usain bolt te admiro mucho sos el mejor corredor de la historia =)

  • jesus

    usain bolt ate my cow

  • jesus

    usain bolt ate my f ing cow

  • Riccardo Fala

    awesome bolt!

  • somu

    you inspire me.

  • Beef eater

    Usain bolt ate my cow as well

  • Breonna

    Omg Ima Be The Next Fastest Jamiacan Girl In The World Like Him He’s My Idol

  • RJ

    nowi know his technique i can use it against him when im in the olympics

  • QuanJor

    Usain Bolt for Prime Minister! No joke, this happening in 20 years time.

  • Bj

    Bolt, i admire your drive and your determination. Well done. You are a Legend in my book. Bring it to them again. Rio me seh

  • Rodrigo Silva

    Bolt e o cara Corre pra caranba…

  • Rodrigo Silva

    acho que quando chegar o tempo de para ai fazer Ryan black e assumira o homen mais rápido…Valeu bolt

  • Roberto G.

    Youve given me even more inspiration to run with all my heart, and Im gonna need it cause Im running and 11.6, but Im 13, so what can you expect?

  • Usain Bolt

    I know i’m awesome.

    • abbas


  • Usain Bolt

    Eat a banana. That’s yummy.

  • Trajce

    Do you train me usain

  • Michael Dugan

    Hi Usain, Im 12 years old and i really look up to you. I would like to be a athlete when im older, as i do the 100m in 14 seconds and im 12 years old would you think i could make it when im older? If there are any tips you have please could you tell me? I Would LOVE IT if you could follow me on twitter @michaeldugann .
    Thanks, Your biggest fan
    Michael Dugan

  • Michael Dugan

    @055ad65d700f49d5ec7bb50c9a609093:disqus you are my hero, im 12 years old and i run 100m in 14seconds any tips or advice my twitter acount is @michaeldugann id love it if you could follow me :D


  • Phillic

    Ur just the best bolt keep the pace on dude,,, lov ya!!!!!!

  • Phillic

    Who makes it happen aside frm that man the B.O.L.T woooooo yeah my guy for sure papi pls don’t kill dem kids dream boltilious for life.

  • peter

    yo best role model in my life, u showed dat u cn b nt da best nd work hard nd b da greatest

  • lenat

    Carla Lewis is just a total idiot full of envy. Go to Jamaica and check back to when Bolt started running from Primary School and then you will see that what is happening now is no surprise but what was expected. Carla needs to shut up now.

  • Umran Sankoh

    Dear Usian Bolt my name is umran sankoh I would like to race on February 17 thank you at Hexham road Reading. I am using my mum’s email because i don’t have one please reply.

  • Chloe

    awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    Im happy

  • payam

    very good mr.blot

  • Lenny Mouchel

    You are the best in the world, the fastest man !!

  • rahul

    u are my god

  • nana

    im running for my county on saturday have you got any tips which may come in handy

  • Sport Billy

    My seven year old son loves the way you run and perform after the race. He is also very quick and has great form. I believe he will be a great sports man like yourself. He is either going to be a Tennis Player, Footballer or an Athlete (100 & 200m) star. He will have the dilemma of representing Jamaica or England. Watch out for us! BTW well done for all you have achieved big head… You’re The Best, been following your Career since Champs. God Bless.

  • slowgirl

    Hi! I’m having a 100m race tomorrow for my Sports Day, and to be honest, I don’t actually know why I’m doing, I am pretty slow. So do you have any last minute tips for me?? ANYONE!!??

  • slowgirl


  • dolton fernandes


  • DC

    I’m thirteen and i run the 100m 12.37. is that good or bad? do u have any tips for me to improve my time?

  • Andrea

    Gostariade conhece-lo, ele se mostra uma pessoa muito simpática e diverdida.

  • abbas

    but I am faster than you usain bolt ha ha ha

  • Bolu

    Mr Bolt, you are a legend!! I’m 12 but I run a hundred metres in 13 seconds, do you have any tips on how I can run faster?


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