BOLT blazes to 9.63 seconds in Olympic 100m Final

BOLT blazes to 9.63 seconds in Olympic 100m Final

Usain Bolt successfully defended his 100 metres title at the London Olympics with an impressive 9.63 seconds on Sunday, August 5.


Although Bolt was jubilant about his victory, he noted “this is the first step for me and the 100 metres is just a step in the door and the 200 metres win would help me achieve the legend status. “Becoming a legend is my ultimate goal. That’s my goal right there, and that means defending my titles.


Bolt won ahead of countryman and club mate Yohan Blake with 9.75 seconds, while 2004 winner, Justin Gatlin of the USA got the bronze.


The win was historic for Jamaica as the country celebrated its 50th year of Independence on August 6. Another interesting piece of history, exactly 64 years ago at the London Olympic Games, Jamaicans Arthur Wint and Herb McKenley ran first and second in the 400 metres on August 5 – same day while USA’s Mal Whitfield was third.


Bolt won his heat of the 200 metres in a comfortable 20.39 seconds to qualify for round 2. The final is set for August 9.

57 Responses to “BOLT blazes to 9.63 seconds in Olympic 100m Final”

  1. Verna

    Usain congratulations you are truly # 1 do the same in the 200m. Jamaica loves you.

  2. janaya

    you are my inspiration, I love you so much<3 keep doing what you're doing:) Much love.

  3. FIFI

    You’re the best in the world!!!!!!!
    Congratulations for the 100 and 200 meters and maybe the 4×100 !!!!!

  4. rosilia arita

    mr bolt just keep it up and help your country who made this possible for you, greetings from curacao, mrs daniel taylor

  5. Daniel Choudry

    The best and will be for along time….glad u came up during my generation

  6. Lucy

    Incredible athlete! Definately earned the title ‘legend’ much love for this guy <3

  7. Peter Ofong

    The swag in the athletes 100M intro was off the chains.Bolt off course won the pre-match psyche,the dancehall DJ imitation was so cool and then he blew the field away!
    Cometh the hour,cometh the man!
    Enough respect Bolt!

  8. eddy

    bolt tu es le maitre a l heure actuelle et le meilleur sprinter de tous les temps tu as humiliés les pls grangs sprinters de l histoire blake
    gay powel gatlin je te donne rendez vous dans 4 ans je serai meilleur que toi

  9. Kevin Waweru

    hey Usain bolt hold you record until i com coze um the next bolt. Me and my class made a new record in Denmark it was relay 200mX30 and you are the one who gave me inspiration thx

  10. md inamul

    u r the world no.1 in 100 and 200 ………. u know that u r the best in this world ….. but also u gave world no.1 to the decathalene person ……… thats the sprit ….. i love u dude

  11. george

    hey usain you are the best and i will hope to meet you one day when your in australia you are a big inspiration hope you are doing well see ya in melbourne if you will be there signing off george

  12. Penny Nair Price

    Hi Usain! I thought your race and then the Olympic pose for the cameras was truly the high point of all the comps in the games. I don’t know why but I felt a deep affinity with you – mayb lots of people did, or was it just me? I wish I could’ve bn partying with you all on the night after. I used to run fast at school and I hv a pretty amazing story that’s hardly bn told about my surviving a pretty death defying few months in some very freezing conditions – I thought about mayb trying to publish it but what would my relatives say – they might be embarrassed t think while their lives were OK mine was way from it for that time. Luv you anyways.

  13. Stefan Spates

    Bolt, i know i never met you in person, but i hope to meet you one day. I’m doing cross-country right now during school, and i am the fastest person and i have the best time in our school history. I’m in the 10th grade and i just wanted to let you know that i am following your every step in being the best ther ever was. I love how you run and i want to race against you one day.


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