Usain runs meeting record of 19.58 in Lausanne

Usain runs meeting record of 19.58 in Lausanne

Usain Bolt clocked a comfortable 19.58 seconds to take the 200 meters at the Lausanne Samsung Diamond League on Thursday (August 23). Bolt, who successfully defended his 100 and 200 meters titles at the London Olympics is running his first race since the Games.


Bolt who is fresh from his 26th birthday, ran a meet record. He led the field from start to finish and won ahead of Churandy Martina – 19.85 (national record – Netherlands); and a season’s best from Jamaican, Nickel Ashmeade – 19.94.


Bolt’s Racers Track Club team mates, Jason Young – 20.00, Warren Weir – 20.03 and Marvin Anderson – 20.60 were fourth, fifth and seventh respectively.


Next stop for Bolt is the Zurich event on August 30.

80 Responses to “Usain runs meeting record of 19.58 in Lausanne”

  1. Дёма7А



    congrats LB i knew u could do it. Now lets take zurich and show them how we do it…LEAVE THAT BOLT OF LIGHTENING AND LET THEM FEEL THE THUNDER…

  3. ademola samuel

    congrats the very star of the moment for the laudable achievement again.

  4. Bronx

    You’re the best ever.It’s a blessing to have you around in this era.You’re truly a living legend!!!!!

  5. STAR 1

    Bolt strolled it as usual, and he was the main attraction of the night but the media are saying that blake has upstaged him on the night. Bolt should be careful that he doesn’t look at these races as just fun because maybe Blake is trying to do just that.

  6. Delores Williamson

    Legend Bolt strikes again!!!!Haha!!! well done, another impressive performance, truely proud………….One Love!!! I am team Jam..

  7. Gloria

    Thanks and praises to Jehovah for your accomplishments. Congratulations! One Love….

  8. germano sales

    you´re the best race to world. you and the world menho’m your fan. I am also most unfortunate atlena mind have no incentive to train. agretido that you also had no more deserves this where I get a hug (você e o menho do mundo sou seu fã. tambem sou atlena mais infeliz mente não tenho incentivos para treina. agretido que o senhor tambem não tinha mais chego onde merece esta um abraço).

  9. jose wales

    you are a great runner your name will stand for along period.

  10. basanta

    Speed N Fit , Always First, Best of the Bests, he is Usain Bolt..

  11. TrishaB

    =====>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>}}}}}}}}}}}}}};);););););););););););)…U R a Shining Star*****TnkU

  12. jorge

    well, a runner who runs the 200m in 20 seconds, passes every 10m in an average time of 1 second. If we consider that the first 10m can’t be passed in 1second, the last 10m must be much quicker then 1 second. Now, Imagine who fast must Usaine Bolt pass the last 10m when he finishes the race in 19.19!!!! WOW! awesome!

  13. Kemoy

    you have 1.6 million more friends since the London olympics guess i just have to share you ;-( Congrats on the win

  14. Isaac

    Man, this is your time to show the world what you are made of. Go all out! Now or never!

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