What BOLT is listening to (as he closes 2012)

KINGSTON, December 18 The year 2012 has been very special for Usain Bolt and as busy as he has been for the period, he has found time to listen to his some of his favorite songs. Bolt’s love for music is well known and he has even found time to handle the turntables at home and abroad. He turned heads in France, Belgium and for the Tracks and Records anniversary in Kingston in April this year, he did a short stint.
The BBC Sport Personality of the Year is excited about the songs he listens to as it has an eclectic twist infused with Jamaican and international artistes. What is also obvious is that Usain’s love of dancing is evident. Most of us would be able to work up a sweat from these tunes if they were on a playlist.
The fun loving Bolt opens with Chris Martin’s Chill Spot and emerging talent Chronixx has two inputs on the list of 16 with Warrior and Behind Curtain. I-Octane has the only other double play with My Story and Love Vibe. The Caribbean features too with Rihanna (Diamonds) and with Nicki Minaj and Beenie Man’s Gun Shot. Other Jamaican artistes featured include Konshens – Girl Siddung and Aidonia’s Run Road.
Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys; Jump by RDX and We are Young by Fun are also on the list along with Clique – Kanye West; Mirror by Lil Wayne. Flo Rida’s Whistle and Who You’re Around with Meek Mill and Mary J Blige’s Who Your Around round out the list.
The IAAF Male Athlete of the Year has among his projects for this year, a treat in his hometown, Sherwood for about 200 children under 12 years of age as part of the Usain Bolt Foundation outreach. On Wednesday, Dec ember 5, the 6-time Olympic gold medalist donated a bus valued at 3.8 million Jamaican dollars to his alma mater, William Knibb Memorial High School.

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  1. luvdawprlbos

    what about the worl’boss Vybz Kartel ?? pretty sure he listen to it

  2. RaymondBox

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