Usain Bolt to run 150m race on Copacabana beach

Usain Bolt to run 150m race on Copacabana beach

21st February 2013 – Six time Olympic Games gold medallist Usain Bolt will run a 150m race on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 31st 2013.  The event titled ‘DESAFIO MANO A MANO’ will feature four of the top sprinters in a street meet type concept.  The organisers X3M Sports with Dream Factory will construct the track on the iconic Brazilian beach and promise to give the fans an exciting opportunity to see the world’s fastest man up close and personal.  This will be Bolt’s second visit to Rio having been there in October 2012 for a promotional visit with his sponsors Puma.


Full announcement in Portuguese –

12 Responses to “Usain Bolt to run 150m race on Copacabana beach”

  1. Eddie "O"

    Is Usain going to wear a brief bikini type uniform like everyone else wears on Copacabana Beach?

  2. Curious

    will this be a world record if he beats previuous time, is the track IAFF approved, will record stand?


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