• Nice.. Good of you to keep in touch. I’ll keep looking for these. Just decided to try my hand at track after a 35 year hiatus. Tell me you think I can make it to the masters in Italy and I will keep going:-)

  • James Mc

    fastest man in the world and still keeps in touch with fans, keep being awesome Usain Bolt!

  • Claudius England

    Big up yuself mi bredda

  • ND

    Good luck for 2013 Lightning Bolt, you’re the man.


    hey usain im a big fan , i want you to enjoy your life for being the fastest man in the world!

  • samuel bolt

    usain bolt the fasteset men yojur partner yhan blake

  • samuel bolt

    watch out 600m is coming up tomorow better win meadls before i give you chochlate and biscuits

  • Samuel bolt

    you wer4e made de to be fast

  • simone

    usain, love you, and proud of you

  • alex

    is he on line