Usain wins Copacabana 150m sprint race in 14.42 secs

Usain wins Copacabana 150m sprint race in 14.42 secs

31st March 2013 – On a specially constructed track on Copacabana beach Usain Bolt recorded the second fastest time ever to win the Mano a Mano 150m in 14.42 secs.  In hot conditions the 26 year old superstar of T&F enthralled the exuberant Brazilian crowd with his performance, just 0.07 secs off his own world record set in Manchester in 2009..  He got out of the blocks well and as he got into his running moved well clear of his rivals.  Daniel Bailey (ANT) placed 2nd in a personal best 14.88 with Brazilian Bruno Barrios 3rd in 14.91 secs.  ‘It was my first sprint race, definitely a good start for the season,’ Bolt said. ‘I’m looking forward to coming down here in 2016.’

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  1. FRANK

    Congratulations Mr Bolt, im sure this season you will get amazing times again
    How was the speed wind?i dont see it…

  2. Pedro Ferreira da Silva Filho

    Hello there Mr. Bolt
    My name is Pedro and I am a former decathlete from Rio. Today I am a sports manager and help with promoting track and field in Rio and in Brazil. I followed your visits to Brazil and events in Rio. This last one was fantastic, I congratulate you for your performance and I need not to mention how much people and track athletes from Rio love you. But I think there are some serious problems with track and field here in Rio that I think you are not aware of and you can help our track and field athletes. Despite what people may have told you our situation here is very bad and even though they have built you a brand new track by the beach…we have NO TRACK FOR TRAINING in the city of Rio. None. Didn´t you wonder why no athlete from Rio participated on your race?
    The world and the track and field community got to know about this…it´s a shame.
    Tell the world Mr. Bolt…this is how you can help us have track and field again as sport in Rio…a city with no tracks!

  3. ricky

    superstar of T & F wat the F is T and F…superstar of jamaica u F

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