Update on Commonwealth Games

Update on Commonwealth Games

26th June 2014 – Message from Usain – “I am not ready to compete at the Jamaican Championships this weekend but I have informed the JAAA’s that I am available for selection for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and have submitted the relevant documentation.  I do not wish to take the place of anyone who qualifies this weekend in an individual event but am available for relay duty if the selectors feel I can be an asset to the Jamaican team in Glasgow.  I have received lots of requests, invitations and messages of support from my fans in Scotland who are looking forward to a great event.”

  • Sean-Judo

    It would be brilliant to see the fastest man on the planet competing in Glasgow. Representing your country is always an honour.

  • The Wild

    About time.I can plot on how to get my tickets now.

  • James Sullivan

    Any chance we can see you in the 4×400 if an individual spot is not possible? Real athletics fans would love to see you run in this event more so than the 4×100 (although both would be good).

    • Don Dada

      Get out of here with that tickets are already sold out without you

  • Glasgow Girl

    So excited you are coming to Glasgow….fab news…so excited!!!

  • David

    What are the chances you run in the 100m? Got my tickets last year in the hope that you and Blake would both be there?! Looking more and more unlikely now 🙁

  • steph

    thank you! thank you! thank you! soooo happy you are coming to glasgow!!!!

  • John Maguire

    See you in Glesga Big Man. Glad you can make it.

  • Matvic

    Dear JAAA, please add an extra place for the individual events. Thanks. Matt.

  • Ali

    Please please please run 100 metres I was so excited to get tickets to come and see 100m even bought a Jamaican hat pleeeeeeease JAAA make a extra space

  • Stephen Wallace

    Really sad to see the Beast get injured yesterday in Glasgow. Does that mean we get to see you run the 200m now?!? Hope so… I got tickets to the final and bought them just so I could see you run! 🙂

  • tessbolt

    Can’t wait to see you run!

  • Jessica Jayne

    Would you be doing the 200m because I got tickets last year for the day where they run 200m and give the 100m presentation? You’re an inspiration thank you

  • Ali

    why did you get absent in 2014?why do not get visit into iran.you have so many fans here.i wish to see you!!!!