2014 Race Schedule finalised

2014 Race Schedule finalised

21st July 2014 – Usain will compete in four track meets in August –

August 1 & 2 – Commonwealth Games 4x100m, Glasgow

August 17 – Mano a Mano 100m, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

August 23 – LOTTO Kamila Skolimowska’s Memorial 100m, Warsaw

August 28 – Weltklasse 100m, Zurich


33 Responses to “2014 Race Schedule finalised”

  1. JD

    Understood, just get well and ready for World Championships next year and Olympics the following year. Love you.

  2. Henry Topping

    Yo my youth — me nuh want wha’ happen to Yohan happen to you too yu nuh poopa. So, hear me nuh brethren — handle that you hear sah?! No mek nobody laugh after youknow ’cause yu done know say Tyson is back and Justin a do him thing and Kemar and them other man deh a come thru. Seen?! Stay ficus dread! A’ight…

  3. Sbeckford

    Gutted got 100m final tickets for commonwealth games but still won’t see my hero Bolt

  4. Carla Robertson

    Gutted is not the word!!!! Got Commonwealth tickets for July 31st, 200m mens final and you’re not running…….

  5. Jacqui Hewitt

    Just read your book – Australian! Interested in your skill/attitude since olympics, Brian Lara’s and Trini carnival 2014.

  6. Jo C

    Sorry not to see you running in the commonwealth 100m individual. I have final tickets and was hoping to see you 🙁

  7. Mandy Bennett

    I have 100m final tickets! I am GUTTED! Still think your awesome and I still ❤️ Jamaica! Yeah mon! #respect

  8. EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy

    yeah mann! let ’em com get u! dis u’r boy from Lesotho! yesss yesss

  9. Jess

    sad not to see you at the commonwealth 200m 🙁 we were there!!!!!!!!!! however we just watched you on TV smashing the 4x100m

  10. Sanjay Krishnamurthy

    Wonder how you can do Rio and then Europe a week later without jet lag and all??! I slept for a week after my last trip from sf to cambodia:)

  11. FormerTrackStar

    Hey Usain – what about coming back to Berlin … experience and feel the fabulous track, crowd and stadium of Berlin … ISTAF 31. August 2014.
    Maybe that gives you a good impact for 2015 and 2016 … to be faster than 958,

  12. selassie

    watch out fi Justin gatlin him a run some serious time…..maybe back on some secret drug


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