2014 Race Schedule finalised

2014 Race Schedule finalised

21st July 2014 – Usain will compete in four track meets in August –

August 1 & 2 – Commonwealth Games 4x100m, Glasgow

August 17 – Mano a Mano 100m, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

August 23 – LOTTO Kamila Skolimowska’s Memorial 100m, Warsaw

August 28 – Weltklasse 100m, Zurich


  • jamin

    man put on nuff weight bolt

  • White Lightning

    That’s weird. No 200’s in there.

  • Robert Brown

    No 200’s???? Why?

  • JD

    Understood, just get well and ready for World Championships next year and Olympics the following year. Love you.

  • dch

    tek time ease back into things my youth

  • Yakub

    Usain… I come remenber me 😉

  • Henry Topping

    Yo my youth — me nuh want wha’ happen to Yohan happen to you too yu nuh poopa. So, hear me nuh brethren — handle that you hear sah?! No mek nobody laugh after youknow ’cause yu done know say Tyson is back and Justin a do him thing and Kemar and them other man deh a come thru. Seen?! Stay ficus dread! A’ight…

    • kings121

      yo a wah happen to yohan?

  • Sbeckford

    Gutted got 100m final tickets for commonwealth games but still won’t see my hero Bolt

  • Katlego Leru Mooketsi


  • Carla Robertson

    Gutted is not the word!!!! Got Commonwealth tickets for July 31st, 200m mens final and you’re not running…….

  • Jacqui Hewitt

    Just read your book – Australian! Interested in your skill/attitude since olympics, Brian Lara’s and Trini carnival 2014.

  • ak

    big man

  • Curtley Davis


  • Nigel Burrell

    stay focus mi boss and continue doing your best.go get them

  • Jo C

    Sorry not to see you running in the commonwealth 100m individual. I have final tickets and was hoping to see you 🙁

  • Rasmus Troell

    Wish you all my luck! The jamaican lightning will strike again

  • Mandy Bennett

    I have 100m final tickets! I am GUTTED! Still think your awesome and I still ❤️ Jamaica! Yeah mon! #respect

  • EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy

    yeah mann! let ’em com get u! dis u’r boy from Lesotho! yesss yesss

  • boltita

    Welcome back mr Bolt ….. Greetings from Sénégal

    • CHeikh

      Yup senegal is behind you bruv

  • Gabby

    this guy is such an inspiration to me

  • Jess

    sad not to see you at the commonwealth 200m 🙁 we were there!!!!!!!!!! however we just watched you on TV smashing the 4x100m

  • Ishita


  • Sanjay Krishnamurthy

    Wonder how you can do Rio and then Europe a week later without jet lag and all??! I slept for a week after my last trip from sf to cambodia:)

  • FormerTrackStar

    Hey Usain – what about coming back to Berlin … experience and feel the fabulous track, crowd and stadium of Berlin … ISTAF 31. August 2014.
    Maybe that gives you a good impact for 2015 and 2016 … to be faster than 958,

  • ranjini

    what a graceful fellow you are !!

  • selassie

    watch out fi Justin gatlin him a run some serious time…..maybe back on some secret drug

  • What about his 2015 schedule?