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  1. Anthony McAndrew

    Was there with my Son and daughter to see you on both Friday and Saturday Big Fella.

    At 40 years old,it was probably my one and only chance to get to see you compete in the flesh…….and I feel blessed that I’ve now done so.

    Your clearly a global star,and by bringing that star quality to Glasgow,you gave normal working class guys like me the opportunity to watch the fastest man on Gods Earth…….and it was absolutely fucking AWESOME.

    The time you and your team mates spent with the mostly kids on your lap of honour showed true genuine class……and I know that my kids will be left with memories that will last a lifetime.

    Never under estimate the global power you have Big Man…….the power to bring joy and happiness,to light up young life’s,to inspire……just by your presence.

    It was a pleasure and priveledge to watch you over the weekend.

    On behalf of my kids and I………thank you.

    Anthony McAndrew.

  2. Linda Wright

    So good to see you and Team Jamaica win last night! So glad the ‘mischevious’ press and media did not supress your amazing showmanship! That’s why we love you! Great to see you signing so many autographs after the race and having so many photos done; especially with the children! Unforgettable for them! Thanks for being part of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, UK. We love you, Lindy xx


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