30 Responses to “Memorial van Damme, Brussels 2012”

  1. Darlene Houston

    babe get some rest by the look on ur face u look very tired, ur brain needs rest relaxation and to just think of nothing for at least a few weeks..KNOW THAT WE R EXTREMELY PROUD OF U AND LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT SEASON, AFTER U HAVE FULLY RESTED BE WELL GOD BLESS U MY BROTHER….

  2. Pamela Blake

    A child at heart a man on the track. May God continue to bless u Bolt. Go home and get some rest. Good thing ATI and sumfest is done. Much luv superstar.

  3. joy Gentles-Logan

    So so proud of you ..guess I am going to plant a whole field of yams etc for you on Hampstead. Perth Town/Sherwood….lol…Trelawny , Son of the soil…congrats……Much love and GOD bless always…Miss Joy Gentles

  4. Elina

    Those pics is what makes me happy…. ^_^ <3 Im so happy that you have such a success! You inspire me and help me all the time!! 🙂

  5. isabelle van hoorebeke

    Hello Mister Bolt, my 2 daughters and I were on the Memorial Van Damme in Brussels.
    Thank you very much for looking after your fans on friday!!! Together with Mr Blake you were the only ones greeting their fans !!! We came to Brussels just to see you!
    There were 47.000 fans and you give my daughter your running number !!!! Thank you very much we were all three of us on the moon!!! We can’t thank you enough, it means a lot to us!!! You’re the best!!! Lots of greetings from a proud mum Isabelle x

  6. vittz

    its been a long time since we had someone in the world who is adored by people of all races and religions I can only try to think of Mandela and now Usain Bolt,you have made the world come closer,Jah Bless

  7. Oscar Ruiz

    Congratulations! Bolt. I have been following all your events since your beginning.
    You` re amazing athletic, I`was a long distance runner so I understand what you have went trough to succeed. You are a big example of inspiration for the world.
    I wonder if you are willing help to encourage kids and or young athletics that are needing help with more than a motivation by meeting them in person and sharing some of your journey?


  8. Frances

    You are a gift “To the world”. You bring you to those who see you. You surpass all boundaries. Keep your sweet childlike spirit!! God bless you.


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