• Noufal Bava

    Weldon bolt..congratulations…

  • roland

    so nice

  • Who fast? Usaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain Booooolt!!!! congratulations

  • michael manyanga

    am proud of yu

  • Big Jay!

    You’re just a bullet. Do your thing bro!

  • HP
  • Usain your a legend <3

  • Bolt! you are simply the best! Like I said of yours, you proved show to the world that you are the greatest man ever I have seen.

  • la&tigelle winter

    you are the best

  • The human Aventador..

  • Geraldine

    Congrats Usain. I was inspired. U di man.

  • bruno enjoy

    o homem mais rapido do mundo…super humano!!!!

  • Jackeline Mars

    You are the best Usain *-*

  • Christine Bertrand

    La fusée Boldt

  • Derickcus

    has he ran the 200m yet?? anyone

  • Fer

    I love you. You are just great!!

  • caroline

    Master plan well executed, brilliant

  • Bolt and beautiful…

  • zohan

    the fastest man ever walked on earth

  • G K L

    Great Job And want you to kill the track in your 200 METER FINALS AND DONT LOOK BACK UNTIL YOU LEAN AN SEE 18 SECOND I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT GOOD JOB BRO!

  • this is awesome man, u did it. U showed that till now u r d only one on earth, who can run fastest of all men….Congratulations.

  • marly

    felicitaciones bolt ,,,QUE TALENTO!!!



  • naren

    Run 400m!!

  • SUSHANT143

    King of Speed………….

  • SUSHANT143

    Bravo Dude……………..!!!

  • surajsingh

    you r the best “usain bolt”
    iam big fan of u


  • john

    king of the 100 mts

  • king of speed i hoop jou can give the inspiration jou have to us see you in suriname congratulation jah bless

  • Elisabeth Almo

    Much love… a message from Bodø, Norway! <3

  • Cornélia

    every time I see one of your races I become happy as ever. You make me believe in my dream,see you. thank you! Usain’s fan

  • Ayaz khan

    awsome… mind blowing…. best sprinter of the world…congrats

  • best atheletics in this world

  • Dani

    You inspire me and I admire you. A fan from Switzerland. See you soon in Lausanne!

  • thabani

    you are indeed a Lightning’Bolt’

  • Anett Foldi

    Usain! You are a legend! You and Asafa are my favourite and you are the best sprinters all over the world !!!

    • jacko


  • dee

    Bolt continue to be the best, You make me proud to be a Jamaican. God Bless all your team members too

  • israel


  • paulus lasarus

    The undefeated champion of Jamaica


  • philip owusu-boakye

    For acknowledging GOD in all ur victories, you will continue to break records.

  • canofwhoopass

    respect bigman…kingston20 salute di I….

  • Pavel

    крутой чувак

  • pol bellezza calsina

    I want to be like you

  • will love to see u beating ur record in 200m

  • Prayz

    shatt a road yute, 4×1 WR next.

  • Baby blaze

    Usain u’re a legend and u will still the best forever !!!

  • Leilah

    Legend like u said Gifted,Loved, Fastest, Cute, the unbeaten, undefeated,Respectful, talented man on earth u made me proud Congs Usain your always number one babie always and everyday you rock Thank You SO much coz u won me a ticket to visit USA too i pray we will always see you the best we love you Bolt always n forever.

  • krissy

    bolt yuh a d boss….. mi proud a d ole a unnu


    THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    You are an inspiration.my 9 year old son adores you and seeing you in 100m final will live with him forever.thankyou for being such an amazing role model.

  • PP

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  • dwayne dixon

    the boss himself…i guess that there’s no one on earth that can beat this man, only when puma start in the line up…lol

  • sivasankare

    awesome man

  • Ramatulai Bah

    Bolt u are d best no one like u man i really like ur things
    Bsquare Bah

  • I’ll never forget those moments…..thank you so much

  • Eduardo Villena

    Smart,Funny and Speed: B O L T

  • vunisa

    My man..u’re just awesome..congratulations UB…lol

  • sangyoon shin

    YES BOLT !

  • yoselyn

    isain bold el mejorrrrrrrrrrrr

  • miguel

    Well done Usain Bolt & team Jamaica

  • Shumi

    You Da One

  • mouh

    tjr avec usain bolt <3

  • azahr

    please can i get your any old jersey