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  1. Lucien Reid

    ‎”Eternal Father bless our land”, may this forever be a prayer in the hearts and from the mouths of all Jamaicans where ever you find yourselves on this day of celebrations…1,2,3…to God be the GLORY!!!



  3. IMAM 4m INDIA

    Unbelievable Man 2 Earth.. Ur Gr8 BolT.. I’m Ur Gr8 FAn.. All The very Best 4r Ur Next Level

  4. Holalkere Laxmivenkatesh

    We watched your 100 mts and 200 mts Finals Running on 9th, Aug, 2011, at Toronto, ON

  5. rseabrun

    All praises to Team Jamaica and to Glen Mills (coach) what a great job you have done. We need to send scientist to investigate the yam you all eating….lol Well done guys.

  6. babylove

    well done guys you three make jamaica proud,and for carl lewis dont be a hater go kill yourself.these guy are the best and you know that..

  7. keekimac

    What the hell is Jacques Rogge and Carl Lewis trying to prove? Is it
    because we are from a 3rd world country why we are being given so much
    grief? The man and i mean “Bolt” have done an outstanding job and have
    contributed immensely to the sport of track and field. He has created
    record sales at stadiums all around the world (no other althete was ever
    able to done that b4) and you are still not
    to recognise his worth. Carl Lewis, you had your time. Its not
    Usain’s fault why you did not get the sponsorship, recognition and
    respect as he has in his few years so step off. Give compliments and
    recognition where required. The man is damn Legend whether you both
    want to admit it or not. He has not only done himself and his family
    proud, he has done the entire country of Jamaica proud!!! You cant get
    him for drugs because evidently, he’s not taking any, just running on
    pure stammina from good Jamaica Food. Which brings me to my next upset –
    what the hell YAM do to unu why you want to band it from the list of
    foods athletes should not eat? I mean, come on, what else is

  8. faizal

    ur a legend..but do remember bolt…no creation is greater than the CREATOR…Never forget y u came to this world:)
    As salamualaikkum brother

  9. Phantomas

    Great job, fastest man in the world again….and for long period noone will beat you!!

  10. Guillermo

    congratulations….for the 3 fastest superman in Jamaica and the world… felicidades desde MEXICO!!!….salu2

  11. Prisci

    I respect you so much!! I bet you get pissed off when people say ” That looked so easy Usain!” lol. We appreciate the HARD work you put in there man 🙂 You inspired me and taught me to work very HARD to get what I want. Thank you so much for being such a great athlete and a role model. Always be your fan XD Much love from GHANA !!!

  12. Sonia Coker

    Congratulation bro. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you with good health. You make us Africans proud. God bless your parents. Freetown/Sierra Leone

  13. Bhusan Ojha

    Run like leopard , my dear. Best wishes for future events!

  14. yankie

    congrats bolt and crew jam down to the world 123 .give me a link my brother me and my barber crew in south norwood want to link up and party we say .link me at 07730784799

  15. Patience

    I love this! I had it down already as those three taking the 200m medals in that exact order.

  16. matano

    bolt is arguably the fastest man on earth. hope he becomes an inspiration to the young blake and others…..

  17. Honey


  18. Leilah

    Number one babie always and everyday your the fastest Man on the planet no one say no and u will always be. My thumbs will always be up for you oh how i wish u know how much we love u coz we really do and that’s forever no change.

  19. Zali Fidarati

    Поздравляю Усейна и его близких от души, очень болела за тебя…спортсменов много-Король один! Бог поцеловал именно тебя,когда ты родился)

  20. Audrey Brissett


  21. Chris Barlow

    Greatest of All Time! Living Legend! I’m 45 years old and ran the 200 at an elite level in the US back in my day. I competed against Olympic Champions Mike Marsh, Steve Lewis, Danny Everett, and Dennis Mitchell and I can tell you first hand what a remarkable athlete Bolt is. While I though Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis were the best we could or would ever see – Bolt blows all other sprinters in history away! Thank you for re-energizing our sport and I hope to see you continue your amazing feats in Rio 2016 and beyond!

  22. Philbert HABIMANA

    The greatest warrior deserves a greatest honor. Big up man, beat them again and again. We all strongly behind you.

  23. Spice

    Tell the IOC President You are Our Legend in the Caribbean.. WE don’t need His approval!!!!!

  24. willyjudecanada

    Nice!! The “lightning” Bolt made history as fastest man ever in the world! What a pleasure to watch in the Olympics. Very exciting to see. He must have worked very hard to get to this point. Cheers Usain! Take care of yourself,

  25. JustinBis Sexy

    You re really sexy lol congrats I from Argentina I love Jamaica

  26. Verna

    Usain congratulaions you have done it again nothing else to prove, You are the best, continue to stay focus and God bless.

  27. Joan

    What is there to say but he’s done it again. continue to represent yourself and country with pride. Go bolt go

  28. Eric Cameroon

    Stand up for the legend!!! thank god to make me know this man in my small life ! Tanx lord!!!!

  29. Lexa

    my father is fond of you, i also like your results. Best runner i have ever seen respect from Russia!

  30. Parajanta

    He done did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like i knew he would! 😉

  31. Nathaniel Nation

    I believe Carl Lewis is suffering from past guilt and wants to take it out on all athletes, even those from his own country and also their Olympic committee.

    Bolt, please be careful in how you respond to the media regarding Carl Lewis’s critics and always use facts to support whatever you have to say. The biggest problem with Carl is that he has no evidence to back/support his statements and because of this he is turning out to be a mischief maker world wide.

    Below are two articles from two of the worlds most reputable media companies (BBC and The Guardian) which outlines the type of person Carl Lewis is and the unpleasant things he has done to the track and field sport.

    BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/athletics/2976417.stm
    The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2003/apr/24/athletics.duncanmackay

  32. Patrick A. Gallimore

    Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, are, quite frankly, the Laborghini and Ferrari, of sprinting, today…Bolt’s brilliance, on the track, is, something, that, has never been witnessed before, and, almost certainly, won’t be witnessed, again, for, a long, long time, to come…As, for, Carl Lewis’ negative comments, against, Bolt and his fellow Jamaican sprinters, all I will say, is, that, it is the most unsportsmanlike act, that, someone can make, and, moreover, that, a fellow athlete, especially one from a bygone era, who, should, know better, can make…Carl Lewis, now, to me, has earned himself a gold medal, for, unsportsmanlike conduct, of, the highest order!…His legendary arrogance, has, once again, resurfaced…He should take a page out of his fellow American’s – Michael Johnson’s – book, who, has, consistently, made very positive comments, about, Usain Bolt, and, in general, Jamaican sprinters…Is it any wonder, that, Time magazine hasn’t seen it fit, at least up to this point, to, put Usain Bolt on the cover of their magazine, nor, has, Piers Morgan, seen it fit, to, at least not up to this point, interview the fastest man in the world…I wonder why!…Yet, interestingly, Bob Marley is revered all throughout the world…Will Bolt be revered by the Americans, only after he, like Marley, has passed away?…No matter what, though, the fact of the matter, is, that, Bolt has millions, if not billions, of fans, all across the world, something, that, Carl Lewis’ “bad mouthing” of Bolt and the current crop of Jamaican world class sprinters, will, ever, be able to destroy…What is also a fact, is, that, when Bolt retires from track, waiting close by, to, take over his golden crown, is, Yohan “The Beast” Blake, whose brilliance, on the track, will, no doubt, take him to legendary status, in due course…Jamaica, to the world!!

  33. Clare A

    Fantasic run Bolt. You have been the buzz and spirit of the 2012 olympics. Congratulations!!!!!!!! And those five press up’s…..hahaha……bravo.

  34. Bill Hill

    MRS Prime Minister and the minister of sport when is the Jamaica sport hall of fame being proposed and built in Trelawny ? Its the least that can be done after the contributions made by her favourite sons They have given soooo much dont you think it time to give something back ? We have a cruise destenation in the parish what kind of a drawing power would this be ? get it done.

  35. Jonathan

    You all do us proud! My sons are so inspired you would not believe it!

  36. peter ebanks

    Simply put, you are the greatest Athlete. Definately a legend of all times.

  37. Léa

    How to qualify you? The King? The BOSS? God? I’m so proud of you, of your career, of your performance. You’re just unconquerable and before the Olympic Games I had no doubts about your success, for me it is written : Nobody can stop Usain. I’m a french people so it’s hard for me to explain what I think of you so I continue in French : tu nous a fait rêver pendant ces JO et tu resteras le meilleur souvenir de cette compétition . Ta faculté à courir si vite est impressionnante, magnifique et avant même que la course ne commence je sais au plus profond de moi même que tu vas gagner : Arrêtes Bolt si tu peux. Je souhaite juste aujourd’hui que l’homme que tu es ne s’arrête pas là et continue de déccrocher les médailles en nous prouvant une fois de plus que tu es une Légende et que tu es imbattable! Je vais m’arrêter là car on doit te répeter toutes les secondes ce que je suis en train de t’écrire. God bless you.

  38. Holalkere Laxmivenkatesh

    Because, nothing is permanent in this world, We have seen Carl lews was also flamboyant, and headstrong; humility my dear friend, is needed. Every one bows to you and agree that u r the greatest as of to-day; but to-morrow no one knows. Right ?

  39. Holalkere Laxmivenkatesh

    Now as a good boy, stop telling, ” I’m the living legend” ! Who has to tell that ? At least not you !

  40. Vin

    Give God the Glory.. unlike Micheal Jackson, Phelps and many more who didnt ever… GOD BLESS..

  41. Kavissen Kool

    Bolt you are truely an amazing athlete. i’m very inspired by the great success you brought in the athletics world. HATS ON MAN………… I wish u lots of success in your coming competitions. From Kavissen of Mauritius

  42. Geraldine Chambers

    God made man to be great at everything. He created us with no failure. Failure is a human construct. These guys are doing what God created them for, that is to BE GREAT- —
    and to be totally gorgeous while they’re at it.

  43. Javiera

    My name javiera, I have 14 years and I’m from chile, you are one of my biggest idols and I would love to meet you, I’d get to do like you and I have fear that I met you retire before I know at some point you’re going to have be removed and believe me you will do very painful for me and much, what I would most like thee saver’s how you knew that your passion was athletics and as you realized you were great in reality are many questions that I have for you. ami I love athletics and I amooo is my passion, so it is important for me to know ami idol and while you’re watching from behind a screen I’ll never never stop supporting, me and my mom are your fan does not get lost when you run a race and when you win a medal is a goal I ago and that I have to meet, so are best to know this is one of them. takes leave your fan number 1 Javiera

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