• Bolt is my hero. And my inspiration to become faster.

  • Jodi

    Jamaican in Canada and can’t stop singing “Jamaica, Jamaica!” Very proud of the way you represent us, Usain!!

  • good runner

  • Sugumar Kannan

    not ur best… we expected more from you man..

    • shut up guy are you serious how about u go run humble your ass


    hahahha bolT

  • Amadeus adeus

    mas um recordista para usain bolt no final de 100m Londres 2012

  • Hardik


  • Alva

    do yuh ting, dweet wi a dweet

  • moussa bamba

    bolte is my hero

  • noah

    run fast

  • Bolt best

    BOLT 9.55-9.45 !!!!

  • Ratu Vula


  • i wish you good luck tonight

  • assi

    very good

  • Pat

    bolt you are winning tomorrow’s 100m and the 200m in a few days. I can’t wait to see yuh tun up d ting tomorrow.

  • Chidozie Ezeozue

    I wish the best of luck,Usian. Hope you will brace the tape f

  • jerry

    show dem who is the BOSS Bolt !

  • Mahlon

    Bolt keep up the great work all your fans are very proud of you!!!

  • Kareen

    Wow! Got to give it up to you. You are amazing. Wonderful! I will be watching
    in the Olympic finals.

  • gilberto

    muy bien y a ganar vamos usain

  • Sergio

    Good luck from Chile

  • yeah man BOLT a YOU RUN THINGS 9:48 1OOM.

  • Felicidadades Usain bolt,Venezuela comparte tus éxitos.


    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw BOLT BOLT :DDD <3

  • can he run fast in the rain?? Has just started raining now!

    • dcatherine

      u bet he can 🙂

  • Clinton

    Good Luck Usain

  • rafael rosas

    just to begin the game!!

  • Bolt, apana mora prakruta hero.

  • aslam

    Waitng for gold

  • Ever blazin’ just goin’ sky high wit extra speed take off.

  • the clue is in the NAME…. “BOLT”

  • Susie bray

    Go Bolt Go!

  • Hannett

    you are the boss even if you win this time..but i know bolt is doing something and we al will know very soon..you the best go get it..

  • nuts n bolts

    he must have changed his name when he realized he was fast

  • GoBoltGo

    All the best from Sri Lanka

  • bolt rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt francis

    bravo man

  • Halpiniste


  • your my idol men:D

  • dcatherine

    bolty BOLTY

  • Alisha Betony

    Bolt you are awesome!!
    You are an inspiration to many and especially to me.

  • usain is insane he is like lightning and he will win 0212 Olympic 100m and 200m Good luck!!!!! 🙂

  • ur superspecial to me i love ur style

  • Mattley

    we love you! Good luck tonight!


  • Great job today! Wooooohoooooo!

  • Vital


  • king

    best of luck

  • aliyu wetlong

    usain Bolt bolted away setting a new world record.. i love this guy Bolt

  • Alvaro

    Congratulation fastest Bolt!!!

  • vijay yepuri


  • Bramwell

    S Bramwell here from brooklyn ny… they are not showing races with jamaicans winning… especially Usain Bolt…. have to search for the races online to see any footages…

  • Yohannes

    bravo BOLT

  • Claudette

    An inspiration to become who and what you were born to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohamed lakhdar

    I wished you was a Muslim !!

  • mateo ger paloma and cami

    we are a fans of you. we are from argentina and we learning english.

  • Jordan

    U FUCKIN LEGEND MY ROLE MODEL !, Hit Me Up So We Can Play Some Ps3 Nuh

  • lighting up london olympic stadium takes 60,000 light bulbs…electrifying 80,000 in the stadium and millions worldwide took 1 BOLT! Fantastic athlete, brilliantly executed 100m..GO Usain BOLT!

  • you really got my mum jumping in celebration for your victory cause she predicted you`re gonna win when you pointed & gave a kiss to the heavens. to me, YOU`RE THE BEST OF ALL TIME

  • sathya

    The lightning legend…

  • You are great Man …

  • Boateng T. K.

    Congratulation! U. Bolt.

  • sss

    awesome!!! you are too good..

  • Eduardo Villena

    Speed heart machine…

  • abou

    champion, CHAPO!!!

  • patrick

    wish i could run as fast as u and do athletics but football is my sport… Bolt you’re the fastest man on earth and that wont change + you’re records wont change

  • muhammed

    i love you

  • uditha


  • he is a legend…

  • chrissy

    Great Job ….You made the Olympics and very memorable one. Big ups from Houston, Texas.

  • facebook

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like bolt he inspire me so much

  • Oakington Manor School

    Congratulations on your double gold and your team relay gold! You inspire all the children in our primary school. Many children aspire to be like you one day! Keep up your fantastic work in inspiring adults and children around the world!

  • ackim

    great BOLT

  • hakeem hall

    u said u wanna run faster faster

  • usain rocks