• legend usain bolt

  • sippu

    truly legend

  • G Man

    usain bolt, ur good, obviously not to my standard though

    • jake

      congrats set a new record for 4x100m relay


  • Holalkere Laxmivenkatesh

    Great feat indeed !

  • A TRUE LEGEND,,,,,

  • rao

    great!! u certainly are a legend indeed!!

  • Fernanda Fuster C

    The best that has been in athletics … the world’s fastest quatrain, greetings from Chile, and thanks for the thrill that we experienced in these Olympic Games 2012 … for me the best and most exciting sport … I hope to see in Rio 2016
    A big hug 🙂

  • chris

    Mr Usian Bolt has done a brilliant job .Congrats Bolt and Jamaica,s ..2012 Olympic team amazing job well done.

  • Maggu Joof

    Go Bolt no one can stop u

  • Jamaica you roared loud and clear. Great leadership Mr. Bolt.

  • Shanavas Ali

    King Usain……..congrats

  • 3 Races – 3 Gold!!! LEGEND

  • Ana Paula Ortiz

    The best!!!!!!!

  • Super boulot ! Usain is the king ! Il apparaît même dans des poèmes français :


    j’espère qu’on le verra encore réaliser des exploits à Rio.

  • Paul Palmer

    Well i most say that i, we (Jamaica) are profoundly great-full and proud of your tremendous and exquisite performance throughout the years till this day in Track and Field. You have made us proud. Thanks for showing the world that we the Best….Lets give thanks and praise to the Almighty.

  • vichesh

    2012 OLYMPICS -Mr Bolt we are proud of you .you are a LEGEND

  • Mamakid

    to goo wantok

  • Excellent team work, leadership and Godship. Black, Green and Gold power! Congratulations guys. I totally enjoyed the race. You are the best, gold!

  • legend forever , you will be in the history book , Mr bolt

  • one love team Jamaica

  • Deepani Wijegunawardana

    Great. You are a hero.

  • Deepani Wijegunawardana

    Greetings from Sri Lanka (Pearl of Indian Ocean) Mr. Balt.

  • Usain, you showed the world your heart is as golden as your medals, one and only truly you are !

  • Owe

    I want to be Jamaican.Everyone seems so happy.It may be the weather?Or is it something in the water;) Congratulations to all the medals


  • what could i say im from INDIA but u r my real time and all time sprinter like cheetah

  • Excellence ah way meh talkin about
    Usain Bolt him alone, run d rout
    Carl lewis better hush feh em mouth
    cause No.1 it stands for JAMAICA!

    double him ah double
    double him ah double

    100 meter double
    200 ah double

    If usain ah de bass
    yohan ah d treble
    its inevitable
    world record a tumble

    alright den

  • rashid

    It was a dramatic run… you are truly a legend.



  • King Faisal

    I said before, I thank God for the prayeres answered that Bolt has gained another gold medal. Bolt I think 3 GOLD Medals are enought and you ought to return home and have a wonderful vacation. Long live Jamaica…. Long Live Jamaican olympic team in London 2012, Long live Bolt…I prayed for all and God answered my payers too. I remain your fun and supporter from Kigali Rwanda. King Faisal@Kigali

  • aakash

    no one break ur record,

  • THE LEGEND . . . W’RE PROUD OF YOU ! ! !

  • theoxaris

    usain,congratulations from greece!!!

  • friday uchenna

    Great work bolt u are a real legend for real

  • Congratulations,for putting me in a trance…bless you.

  • babyS

    !!! totally awesome :o)

  • malith

    yohan,bolt amzz combination.

  • Hristo Ninov

    This is your world we just live in it !!!

  • Missdee

    Usain rules!

  • Mr Bolt, you truely are an Iconic individual, who has and will inspire generations to come – 2012 London Olympics would not have been the same without you – History in the makeing – Bless you.

  • lfoui(luigi)

    legend usain,you are king

  • coltsevers

    Usain, go to Rio you can make 9 from 9 there and defend 3 times in row the 100 and 200, no one in this century or in the history of mankind will achieve that…. Rio, Rio , Rio , Rio …. and thank you for being born…

  • Jtime

    shout out Birmingham!!! LOL

  • Nailah

    Ma boo thang!!

  • Markus893


  • caroline

    So happy for you, made my year. Thanks for the adrenaline rush and the privilege of seeing the best of the best. Love you

  • Roseli

    Congrats Usin Bolt…Congrats Jamaica….

  • Nitish Kumar


  • gj

    nice tits

  • your 11 year old fan

    hello im using my mum laptop cos i want to tell u thank you because of u im running for my high school and they think i will be good like you 1 day i know u wnt reply back cos your so busy and that but i want u to know i love u and u made me cry when i saw u win bye xx

  • eueu

    i want a movie about this ”super” man whit his hystory! BOLT the best!

  • jimmy

    usain plz run in 400m also….

  • mbokeni

    dankie boss you a de best,thank the great Lord…


    Usain Bolt = LEGEND!

  • palestine.girl<3!

    u deserve to win <3
    love u jamaicans

  • locadimas

    usain next olimpics games participate in more events, 400 mts, etc, we want you become the best medallist of the history

  • victor

    You are indeed a legend. Congratulations

    Victor (Qatar)

  • So coooool!!!IT’ LEGEND!XD

  • Idris Alagbe

    Simply the Best of the rest. Legend of all time. More glorious moment awaits. Keep it up mate.

  • kapil

    sooooooo legand,,

  • Naveen

    You are born to win…………………

  • emma

    May the lord sustain u. Amen

  • sprint king Usain Bolt …………….Congrats

  • Kat


  • usain
  • Deangelo Rolle

    congrats Mr. Usain Bolt, you really set the standard for a true sprint legend!!

  • usain
  • Praise JAH for your accomplishments! See you in RIO Mr. Legendary Bolt!

  • jonh

    bolt youre a great man xD

  • tofik

    legend usain bolt the first warp man congrats

  • Bolt Your Really a Star for Life

  • Elizabeth Vargas

    the best, I admire you!

  • the king of sprint

  • jan

    Jamaica’s Golden Boy!!

  • HK


  • chris

    usain bolt how you run fast

  • sangyoon

    legend,,, superstar… Even more than those.

  • Maïa

    The new sprint king of the world!!! 🙂

  • Warren Johnson

    A legend is a legend is a legend….

  • krish

    The all time king of king in new world,one day the african nation will be the top of medal tally.

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  • andre

    wow, you’re too very faster run that’s amazing. thanks to you win for in Jamaica. we are people make happy because you won congratulation so i’m very proud of you wonderful.

  • king of sprint

  • Happiness Misterbolt

  • Starminette La Nouna

    great Usain Bolt

  • azmalali

    my aim