• Anon, London

    Hope you didn’t eat that picnic! Looks like that should interview for new caterers and decorators as well as players! Good luck with S. Alex!

  • man utd
  • Ash Cox

    Sign for Liverpool pal!

  • Cheikh

    Hope I will be able to invite you to the mother land Africa one day. I am native senegalese (Senegal, West Africa) naturalized US citizen, leaving in US for years and in love with Jamaica and Jamaicans.

  • Anthony

    hahahah rooneys head is to big to get a photo with usain bolt hahahah

  • I would like to take this oppurtunity to say a big big big thank you to Usain Bolt for being an Inspiration to my son, he is now one of the quickest defenders in the Midlands Junior Premier League.
    He watched all your events in London 2012, practised and learned . . . . he also listens to your song before every match . .

    Many thanks, stay blessed