Our Mission

Creation of opportunities through education and cultural development for a positive change.

Our Vision

The Usain Bolt Foundation is dedicated to the legacy for happy children; to enhance the character of children through educational and cultural development, as they live their dreams.


    The Foundation promotes the following

    Healthy and safe environment

    Effective use of a recreational facility

    A child opportunity to ‘Dare to Dream’


    Knowledge and philanthropy start with accurate information

    Responsible use of the financial resourc

    Effectiveness of the Foundation


    The Foundation promotes the following

    Aim to offer the highest quality of services to all stakeholders

    Strive to build partnerships to fulfil its mission

    Focus on credibility by being independent and objective

    Embrace innovation and use of technology to maximise effectiveness

    Value its employees to show the impact of the Foundation

    Exercise fiscal responsibility to fulfil mission

    UBF Board

    Rev. Winsome Wilkins. (Chairman)

    Dr. Maureen Samms Vaughn

    Stephen Shaw

    Dr. Kevin Jones

    Zein Nakash

    Nugent Walker Jr.

    Nicole Foga (Secretary)