Usain Bolt finished a fantastic 2012 season with a win in Brussels clocking 9.86 seconds in the 100 metres on Friday (September 7).
Bolt sprinted to his first ever Diamond League title with 16 points and won ahead of Nesta Carter and Kemar Bailey Cole who ran 9.96 and 9.97 seconds respectively.
Following a successful defense of his Olympic titles in London and scoring wins in Lausanne and Zurich, Bolt was happy to end his season with a win.
“I’m just happy to have got through the season,” said Bolt. “The key coming here was for the fans and just to get through injury free. Coming into this, I did a start yesterday and I said to my coach I’m so tired. I went through the motions, it was an okay race – I didn’t lose. To go to the Olympics and push yourself drains you mentally because at the start everyone was saying you’ll lose, so you push yourself.”
Bolt anticipates a warm welcome home in Jamaica and will relax for a few weeks before preparing for next season.