BOLT Mobility launches in Paris

MIAMI and PARIS, May 15th, 2019 — Bolt Mobility, a mobility solutions company dedicated to revolutionizing transportation by providing simple, safe and sustainable solutions, announced today it will launch in Paris. Bolt’s on-the-ground team will mobilize carbon-free e-scooters throughout the Paris metro area. Since its founding in 2018, the company has launched in cities across the United States and plans to expand into 20 European cities through 2020.

Central to Bolt Mobility’s mission is its commitment to reducing congestion and reliance on personal vehicles by partnering with city governments throughout the world to weave transportation alternatives into the fabric of urban environments. To achieve this in Paris, co-founder and global ambassador Usain Bolt, will join 10 e-scooter operators in signing the Charter of Good Conduct at the Paris City Hall.

“I am an Olympic athlete. They call me the fastest man on earth. One thing is for sure: I run. I run everywhere,” said Usain Bolt. “I have run in cities all over the world, and I can tell you first hand that traffic is getting worse and worse in every city on every continent on earth.  The air quality is also getting worse and I feel that now is the time that we must do something about it. That’s why I am so proud to be a co-founder and global ambassador of the Bolt Mobility electric scooter – a mode of transportation that will truly change the way people move.”

Bolt’s e-scooters intelligent design emphasizes safety, comfort and sustainability. Each scooter is equipped with swappable, long-lasting batteries, aluminum frames and unique footrests built to maximize balance and control. Bolt requires all riders to locate, operate and become familiar with the braking system before beginning starting a ride – this is first of its kind feature.

Additionally, Bolt employs a 24/7 customer support service to address feedback from riders and make sure e-scooters are used and parked in a way that is considerate to the communities we operate in. Bolt has full-time employees who monitor operations – not contractors – setting a new industry standard.

“Bolt is a best-in-class portfolio of micro mobility products designed to empower communities with fast, efficient, affordable transportation solutions prioritizing inclusion, equity and the democratization of opportunity, education and access,” said Dr. Sarah Haynes, Bolt’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman. “Giving back is in the DNA of the Bolt ethos, informing every decision we make. I’m thrilled to become the new Co-CEO alongside Co-CEO Kamyar Kaviani as we scale Bolt Mobility to improve the lives of billions around the world.”

To best serve urban commuters who seek reliable, environmentally friendly transit options, Bolt will unveil the Bolt Nano, an all-electric, two-passenger Personal Electric Vehicle, on Thursday, May 16th at the Viva Technology Conference. This zero-emission product will compliment Bolt’s fleet of e-scooters improving seamless connectivity throughout cities.

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