8th September 2010 – Usain Bolt, the 100m World record holder and the fastest man on earth, will touch down in Sydney next Tuesday, 14th September, to officially launch the newest variant of Gatorade – a brand new lemon ice flavour which has been inspired by him: Gatorade Bolt.

A tribute to the world’s fastest man, new Gatorade Bolt is scientifically formulated to meet the hydration needs of amateur and elite athletes and contains a scientifically balanced 6% carbohydrate blend that helps speed fluid back into the body and fuel working muscles. Now available in Australia, Gatorade Bolt Lemon Ice has been developed by scientists at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) as an addition to the core product range.

“I’m very happy that Gatorade is bringing me to Australia for my first ever visit ‘down under’,” said Usain Bolt. “I’ve been using Gatorade sports drinks since 2008 and am really honoured that they have now named their latest product after me.”

As part of the Gatorade Bolt launch, Usain will be attending the Competitive Edge Athletic All Stars meet in Sydney, which will feature the highly anticipated ‘Gatorade Bolt: the quest for the fastest man in football’. Usain will also take part in a celebrity 4x100m fun relay, anchoring one lucky team on the final leg of the fun run.

“During my time in Australia, I’ll be working with the fastest men in football to make sure they have the best chance of competing to their full potential in the Gatorade Bolt,” said Usain. “As well as a few tips on how to use starting blocks and pace themselves, I’ll be sharing my advice on hydration and giving them a couple of bottles of Gatorade Bolt to make sure they get their hydration right!”.

Both globally and within Australia, Gatorade works with leading sports and science associations to deliver effective sports drinks to athletes competing at every level. In Australia, the entire Gatorade range, including Gatorade Bolt Lemon Ice, is used and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) and Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA).
Kim McConnie, Marketing Director, PepsiCo Australia, comments: “As a brand with a long history of supporting both professional and amateur athletes, it has been great to work with one of the world’s greatest as part of the launch of our new Gatorade Bolt Lemon Ice.”

Gatorade Bolt Lemon Ice is available in 600ml, ready-to-drink format and can be purchased, along with the entire Gatorade range, from grocery and convenience retail outlets at a RRP of $2.80.

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