Not yet ready for Ostrava or Paris

Dear Followers,

As reported a few weeks ago I had to miss some training in late March and early April due to a foot injury.  Thankfully my foot is 100% healthy now and I am back in full training.  Unfortunately due to the training that I missed I am behind where I am at normally at this time of year and will not be ready to race in the Ostrava Golden Spike meet or Meeting Areva in Paris.  These are great events that I have competed in many times in the past and I plan to run in many times in the future.  I have a lot of support in both countries and always get a good reception there.

I hope to be back in competition soon but how soon will depend on my training in the next few weeks.  It is important for me to take my time this year as I have three tough years ahead in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as I attempt to defend my World and Olympic titles.  I definitely plan to compete this season and will continue to work hard with my coach who I have the utmost confidence in to get me fit and ready to compete. Thanks to all for the continued support.

One Love,