Teddy McCook – You will be truly missed

“Tallest man around” is how I always greeted Mr. McCook, or usually he greeted me first with calling me “Shortest man” and the biggest laugh ever. Encouraging and positive words epitomized our conversation when Teddy and I spoke.

I remember like yesterday the critical role Mr. McCook played in me joining the High Performance family in the early days of my career.

But one of the most rewarding moments in my life where I was totally overwhelmed with joy and pride was being on the Olympics medal podium and receiving my gold medal from Mr. McCook. It’s was like we started this journey together and at one of the highest point Teddy was there to share it with me.

My dearest condolences to the family of Mr. McCook. I hope you can find comfort knowing he served Jamaica Athletics selflessly.

“Forever Tallest man”