‘Tracks & Records’ comes to the UK

11th August 2017 – (London, England) Jamaican based franchise company, FRANJAM has signed a major contract

with the UK based Casual Dining Restaurants Group (CDRG) to open 15 Tracks & Records

restaurants across the UK over the next 5 years with the intention of developing beyond this.

This deal will signify the first Jamaican owned restaurant franchise concept to open on an

international scale.


Tracks & Records, a Jamaican themed restaurant which boasts 8-time Olympic Gold Medalist,

Usain Bolt as a key partner, started operations in Kingston, Jamaica in April 2011 and is the

first restaurant of its type in the island. The restaurant opened its first franchise last year to a

Jamaican businessman and woman who operate in the island’s well-known tourist

destination. Tracks and Records brings an authentic Jamaican experience with a blend of real

Jamaican cuisine, entertainment and simply put the “cool vibes” that the Jamaican brand is

known for around the world.


“For us this is a significant milestone in the company’s development. When we created the

Tracks & Records concept it was done with these major markets in mind. The U.K. has been a

key target market for us since the conceptualization stage over 7 years ago and there is no

greater satisfaction than to see it unfold in this way. For Jamaica, I believe this signifies the

first time a local, home grown concept has evolved into becoming an International

franchise. This confirms brand Jamaica’s potential and gives us widespread hope that we can

export many other Jamaican brands through this business model, stated FRANJAM’s

Managing Director Gary Matalon.


Key Partner, Usain Bolt who just completed his last individual race at the IAAF World

Championships here in London stated, “I’m happy to be able to share a taste of the Jamaica

that I know and love with the rest of the world through the opening of these restaurants across

the U.K. – London has always been a special place for me and I thank Aly and CDRG for giving

us the opportunity to share our vision and our culture with you all.”


A Global Partnership with CDRG

CDRG is a private company and sister company to the SME Group that operates, under

franchise license, over 120 restaurants and hotels. Company Director and CEO, Aly Esmail,

is pleased with the addition of the Tracks & Records brand to their portfolio and is confident

about its future growth.


“We are pleased to add this incredible Jamaican brand to our growing number of franchises

across the world. This partnership with Usain Bolt and the Tracks and Records brand will allow

us to introduce an experience to our markets here in the U.K. that is as close as it gets to

actually visiting the island and will give them a real taste of Jamaica,” stated Esmail.


Matalon stated the importance of finding the right partners in order for the brand to expand

on a global stage. “As I’ve indicated in the past, we are a global brand and look to enter major

markets around the world. Most important, and sometimes most challenging, is finding the

right partners in the right markets. Aly and his team provide that and more. We are thrilled

to be building this brand in these markets with a group that has the degree of knowledge,

experience and passion as CDRG,” he stated.


Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism the Honourable Edmund Bartlett, who is currently in London

also expressed his congratulations to the FRANJAM Team, “Jamaica is famous for great

food, great athletes like Usain Bolt and a culture second to none. Gastronomy tourism is a

big focus of enhancing tourism experiences right now and this deal will only amplify our

efforts of positioning Jamaica as a Gastronomy destination. Congratulations to the team on

an excellent achievement. We are all very proud.”


Even with the increase in Caribbean themed restaurants across the U.K., Matalon feels that

the timing is right for an authentic Jamaican experience. “This we’re most excited

about. I don’t recall there ever being an authentic home grown Jamaican concept entering

any international space to compete at this level. This is where we get to prove the power of

our brand. Aside from the point that the food, service and atmosphere will raise the bar for

casual dining in the UK on a whole, our ability to gain tremendous exposure will undoubtedly

result in a competitive advantage we intend to leverage in a big way. Tracks and Records is a

dynamic, multi-faceted brand developed around brand Jamaica which, by itself is an

extremely powerful brand. The use of Jamaica’s music, food and culture along with

the partnership with Usain Bolt will provide an entirely new level of customer experience and

marketability,” he stated.


With the contract officially signed, both entities are now shifting focus to the site search,

which can be challenging as the property market in the UK and in particular London can be

extremely difficult. Notwithstanding that, they are confident that the first location will open

within a matter of a few months.


FRANJAM is a franchise company founded to own, develop and license Jamaican themed

restaurants. FRANJAM creates opportunities for investors by way of buying into the Jamaican

franchise concept. Qualifying franchisees are able to acquire a franchise by paying a £50k

initial franchise fee. They can expect the overall initial investment to cost them an average of

US$1m with ongoing royalty payments that cover the use of the brand, the entire restaurant

system and ongoing support.