So often we ignore charities and foundations – non for profit organisations which give back to communities in the social, academic, cultural and general development of people. However, as stars emerge and evolve a lot of what they do is help to grow the community which they grew up, in a bid to make it better for the next generation.

The Usain Bolt Foundation is no different and for the last nine years since Usain Bolt has achieved super stardom, one thing he has not forgotten is how to help his wider community. The star who hails from the small town of Sherwood Content in the parish of Trelawny has never been afraid of creating opportunities for his childhood town to develop.

From the Piedmont Basic School, where his teacher, Miss Sheron Sievwright still heads, to the Type 1 Health Facility – these are just some of the programmes he has now absorbed under his Usain Bolt Foundation; while still working with United Way of Jamaica as his Project Management team.

The most recent projects include:

– Presentation of PE gear to all children and teachers at the Piedmont Basic School
– Complete electrical re-wiring of the Piedmont Basic School
– Contribution to the Pan Caribbean Sigma Corporate Run towards helping the Bustamante Hospital for Children
– Donation of signed items for special charity events

He has in the recent past, contributed to completing construction of a lunch room and library at the William Knibb Memorial High School and provided computers for the Waldensia Primary School. He partnered with Sagicor to contribute to the salary for the Computer Studies tutor.

In 2009, the 9.58 Super Party raised well-needed funds to upgrade the Sherwood Content Health Centre now open for full use to the community. It remains a Type 1 Facility.

There is always more to give and as the years go on, Usain’s community will benefit from the positive capital he continues to achieve each time he hits the track. His sponsors are very much a part of the overall programme.