Usain launches BOLT Mobility Electric Scooter Brand

12thMarch 2019 – Today in New York Usain launched his latest business venture – BOLT Mobility Electric Scooters.  Bolt Mobility is the safest, most technologically advanced rider friendly personal electric scooter in the US.  It is the first to launch a swappable battery powered carbon free transportation solution complete with charging stations.  Bolt scooters are already available on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, FL as well as Alexandria and Arlington, VA.  There are plans to launch in additional markets including Miami, Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles.  Check it out at


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NEW YORK CITY, NY – Bolt Mobility today announced its national launch of the safest, most hi-tech, and consumer-focused personal electric scooters during a news conference on the steps of New York City Hall with its global spokesperson: Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, one of the fastest runners in the world.


Bolt Mobility has engineered breakthrough designs from the ground up that feature swappable batteries, charging stations for the swappable batteries, space for shopping bags, purses and backpacks, phone chargers in a safe, non-distracting location, drink and coffee cup holders. Bolt Mobility’s innovative parallel foot pads enable safer transportation by allowing riders to ride with their feet firmly planted on each side the e-scooter and enjoy a lower center of gravity for safer, more comfortable rides.


Bolt Mobility personal e-scooters are the future of sustainable and equitable transportation. Bolt Mobility was founded in 2018 and plans to fill transportation gaps with micromobility solutions in cities across the country. Bolt Mobility has conducted extensive research within urban areas and is prepared to revolutionize transportation with new e-scooters that will help alleviate transit issues, including congestion and poor air quality and help solve transportation and commerce deserts by making high-quality micromobility solutions accessible and affordable.


Currently, Bolt Mobility has fleets of personal electric scooters on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Arlington, VA; and Alexandria, VA. In those markets, there have been tens of thousands of unique riders in the last four months alone. There are plans for extensive expansion of the Bolt footprint across the country, including Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles and more.


Bolt Mobility urges New York State to pass legislation legalizing e-scooters that is currently proposed in the legislature. Bolt Mobility is also partnering with local law enforcement, policymakers, and community leaders to make safety a top priority in current and future markets. Bolt is committed to working with local leaders to make sure carbon-free e-scooters are available to riders in areas where public transportation is scarce and in “last mile” transit areas.


Bolt electric scooters are one-of-a-kind in their safety and design. For example, Bolt recently employed a feature that requires riders to locate, operate, and become acquainted with the braking system before starting a ride. This feature is the first of its kind in the industry.

Additional Bolt e-scooter safety measures include:


  • Aluminum frames;
  • Duel Brakes;
  • Bright LED front and rear lights;
  • Large10” wheels made for urban environments;
  • Long lasting battery; and
  • Exclusive foot pads that allow a rider to have both feet facing forward creating greater balance and control.


Check out close-up viewsof Bolt’s new innovative e-scooters.


For additional images, please click hereand watch our commercial featuring Usain Bolt here.


Additionally, Bolt Mobility employs a 24/7 customer support service to address feedback from riders and make sure e-scooters are used and parked in a way that supports the communities we operate in. Bolt also has full-time employees who monitor operations – not contractors– setting a new industry standard.


“Bolt is a best-in-class portfolio of micromobility products designed to empower communities with fast, efficient, affordable transportation solutions prioritizing inclusion, equity and the democratization of opportunity, education and access,” said Dr. Sarah Haynes, Bolt’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman. “Giving back is in the DNA of the Bolt ethos informing every decision that we make. I’m thrilled to become the new Co-CEO alongside Co-CEO Kamyar Kaviani as we scale Bolt Mobility to improve the lives of billions around the world.”


“I am an Olympic athlete. They call me the fastest man on earth. One thing is for sure: I run. I run everywhere,” said Usain Bolt. “I have run in cities all over the world, and I can tell you first hand that traffic is getting worse and worse in every city on every continent on earth. The air quality is also getting worse, and I feel that now is the time that we must do something about it. That’s why I am so proud to be the sponsor of the Bolt Moblity electric scooter – a mode of transportation that will truly change the way people move.”


Venture capital firm Rokk3r Fuel ExO is among the investors in Bolt Mobility and will serve as a strategic partner in this pivotal phase of the Miami-based mobility startup’s lifecycle. For Rokk3r Fuel, which is also headquartered in Miami, an investment in the expansion of Bolt is a significant step toward improving the lives of residents and tourists who traverse the urban core of South Florida, and all major cities around the world.


“Our firm’s guiding principle is to empower entrepreneurs who challenge norms to enhance the future, and we are committed to supporting, financially and otherwise, companies that solve real-life problems faced by institutions and people today,” said Jeff Ransdell, co-founder and Managing Director of Rokk3r Fuel. “We believe deeply that Bolt is committed to this same mission, and is uniquely positioned to solve the first-last-mile issue that impedes not just commuters, but larger societal change. We’re thrilled to be onboard as a strategic partner to Bolt in what we know will be a game changer for transportation.”


The Yucaipa Companies, a premier investment firm headquartered in California, is also among Bolt Mobility’s investors. “I am looking forward to the launch of the newest, most advanced personal electric scooter by Bolt Mobility. This scooter is truly the future of transportation: a carbon-free, sustainable, safe, and hi-tech way to move people in crowded cities around the world. I look forward to working with Bolt Mobility and being a part of this global transformation,” said Ron Burkle, Managing Partner of The Yucaipa Companies.





About Bolt Mobility

Bolt Mobility’s mission is to work with cities on a local level to solve traffic and parking congestion and reduce their carbon footprint with safe, sustainable, and equitable transport options. Bolt’s leadership team has experience developing sustainable transportation solutions and emerging technologies. A commitment to design ensures rider safety, convenience, and affordability. Bolt’s approach to working with cities is focused on partnership, inclusivity, and equity. Bolt is operational in South Florida and Northern Virginia with dozens more markets prepared for launch in the coming weeks and months.


About Rokk3r Fuel ExO

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The Yucaipa Companies is a premier investment firm that has established a record of fostering economic value through the growth and responsible development of companies.  Since its founding in 1986, the firm has completed mergers and acquisitions valued at more than $35 billion.  As an investor, Yucaipa works with management to strategically reposition businesses and implement operational improvements, resulting in value creation for investors.